New Blog, New Me

It’as been a while since I have put a personal blog together, but I think this might be the motivation that I need to finally do it. I have set everything up to make it as easy as possible to add new content to this. All of my blog posts will be in markdown and saved to a repo on github. Who knows? Maybe the commit streak in and of itself will be enough to keep me motivated to keep posting. Some topics I am looking forward to posting:

  1. Supercon Badge
    • Adding I2C HW
    • Communicating w/ I2C HW
  2. Kubernetes/kubeadm setup
  3. Keezer build
  4. Keezer Electronics (Arduino/CircuitPy)
  5. Woodshop build
  6. Music Making


Before I write too much, I should draw this to a close to save some energy for the next time I write on here, which should be soon. Hopefully.